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Gilbert is a Chinese American Millennial born and raised in New York City. He spent 7 years in Asia searching for his roots and worked in startups for the last 5 years selling to multinationals and large corporations. Along the way, he started and managed an exclusive golf society in Hong Kong. He has a fond passion for meeting interesting people and public speaking. He currently lives between New York and Hong Kong.


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About Gilbert


Gilbert Joa is a Chinese American Millennial born and raised in New York City. Gilbert moved to Hong Kong in 2011 without any contacts and became a community leader for several organizations from scratch.


Gilbert is an early player in the Hong Kong startup community, an alumnus of the first accelerator and co-working space. He has worked at bootstrapped/venture-backed startups for the last 5 years selling innovative technology and solutions to multinational corporations.


In 2012, he started 'The Hong Kong Prime Golf Society', an exclusive community for high-caliber individuals, as Co-Founder and President.


Gilbert is also an accomplished public speaker, having won a number of Toastmaster speech competitions and completed on the national stage in 2017. In addition, he was the 2017/18 President of 'Hong Kong MBA Toastmasters Club'. He has spoken to various audiences, from global brands such as 'Pfizer' and 'AIA' to top universities like 'Hong Kong University of Science and Technology' (HKUST), and 'City University of Hong Kong' (CityU).


Gilbert is featured in the Foundation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provided by the City University of Hong Kong. 


Gilbert now teaches his clients how to cultivate solid business networks and create groundbreaking opportunities from scratch, even if they are an introverted, or lack resources. He believes that everyone is only one connection away from changing any aspect of his or her life.


Gilbert currently splits his time between New York and Hong Kong. 



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